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We Manufcture High-purity Titanium Alloy Plate
To Make Safer For
Your Projects.

Standards include but are not limited to: AMS4900, AMS4901, AMS4902, AMS4904, AMS4907, AMS4911, AMS4914, AMS4916, AMS4919, ISO5832-2/3, ASTM F136, ASTM F67, GJB2505, GB/T3621, ASTM B265.

Why HTL?

Focus on titanium sheet

Focus on the production and manufacturing of titanium alloy sheet, professional witness strength

Prompt delivery

The production process of titanium alloy sheet is complicated, and the conventional delivery time is generally 90 days. However, HTL always has various sheet materials in stock to perfectly meet your project needs.

Aerospace certificate

HTL has AS9100D Certification for Aerospace Quality Management System and chinese miliatry GJB certification whichi is very powerful and conceivable.

Intelligent manufacturing 

HTL has adopted Baoti Group’s main production process for titanium alloy sheets and introduced the concept of intelligent manufacturing, which greatly improves the production efficiency and yield of titanium alloy sheets

Good service

HTL is always by your side. You may find us on various exhibitions,and you can always reach us before and after sales immediately.

Customer says

HTL’s customers are all over the world and many of them are second-tier subcontractors in the military and aerospace fields.